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Your eyes are unique and need to last you a lifetime. Trust in us to look after them by carrying out a thorough eye examination. 

From the moment you walk in the door, our team will guide you through the process and explain what's happening every step of the way.


Your eye examination is performed by our experienced optometrist, who will assess your vision and needs, explain fully the tests carried out and any significant findings or changes in your prescription.

Our Dispensing Optician will then recommend the very best spectacle lenses and frames suitable for you and your lifestyle. 

Enhanced eye exam equipment inside the testing room at Peter Bowers Opticians
Eye testing equipment showing results


Our enhanced eye examinations now include Optomap along with our OCT technology. The combination of our retinal imaging system and three-dimensional scan can allow us to detect and early changes and protect you and your eyesight.

Our OCT equipment can provide a 3D scan of the layers of the back of your eye. This enables us to gain a much clearer picture of the health of your eyes.

Our Optos ultra-widefield technology can capture a 200° view (or 82%) of the retina in a single, high-resolution image. This means we can see more of your eye and spot any potential concerns as soon as possible.

Optomap Image at Peter Bowers
Eye Scan
Advanced eye exams
NHS eye exams


NHS eye tests available at Peter Bowers Opticians

We welcome patients who are entitled to a free NHS eye examination or receive NHS vouchers to reduce the cost of your glasses or contact lenses.


Read this article to find out whether you qualify for free eye examinations on the NHS

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the practice by calling 01785 813902.


Private Eye Examination - £47.00

Enhanced Eye Examination (includes OCT and Optomap) - £99.00

OCT - £45.00

Optomap - £45.00

OCT/Optomap with an NHS Eye Examination - £69.00

Kids eye tests

Children of any age are welcome to come and have their eyes examined.


We recommend children have their eyes examined regularly to identify any problems with their vision early on so it can be corrected. 

We understand that for some children, having an eye exam is a little overwhelming. We make sure to explain everything we do in friendly, fun and easy to follow language. 


Your child's sight test is also covered by the NHS up to the age of 16, and 19 if they are still in full-time education.

Child having a kids eye test in Stone
Boy wearing Essilor Stellest lenses in glasses
Girl wearing Essilor Stellest lenses plays with her dad

At Peter Bowers we are proud to offer myopia management solutions. In spectacles we can incorporate Essilor's Stellest lens and in contact lenses we offer the Mysight contact lenses.


Please ask a member of staff for more details. 

Essilor Stellest logo
CooperVision contact lenses logo
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