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Socially in Noise

We all believe we are invincible, that with youth comes the ability to rise above all ailments, but we know deep down that things must be protected for our future.

In this blog we will discover the true price we may have to pay for the social lives we lead.

Sound is nothing more than a wave of air, the bigger the wave, the louder the sound. We have all heard that car sat at the lights, a bass beat booming out of it, but have we ever heard the violin concerto playing in the Jaguar parked up outside Selfridges?

The answer is no, but conceivably both cars could have their radio levels playing at the same volumes. Low bass sound passes through objects much easier than High frequency sounds, thus we can hear and feel low bass sounds much easier.

But it’s the low bass sounds that do most of the damage to our hearing. At a concert or a night clubs, sound can exceed 98dB(A) and if we say that on average we are in that environment for more than 2 hours, this would lead to Acoustic Trauma of the ears.

By use of simple and inexpensive ear protection we can eliminate this potentially damaging sound and enjoy the quality of music we want to hear. Noise protection is not all about blocking your ears off, todays ear protectors can actually enhance the sounds around you, whilst limiting the noise levels to a manageable volume, helping you enjoy the chats we all have without shouting!




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