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We currently stock the Oakley range of sports eyewear. Oakley authentic prescription sports lenses are customized with their unique visual correction, impact resistance and UV protection to meet your exact vision needs.


Merging optical innovations and leading lens technologies to ensure no matter what sport you do you will have confidence in your eyewear.  


Each frame and lens choice can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and sporting needs.


Whether it is cycling, golfing, fishing or running, at Peter Bowers we can find the right sports eyewear for you.  



Our Oakley selection boasts a wide range of sunglasses that can be paired with most prescriptions, with or without polarising lenses, and offering total UV protection. 


Whatever your passion, there are a number of tints, filters, coatings and lens designs that can be applied to the eyewear to further enhance visual acuity and peripheral awareness.


Something as simple as an anti-fog coating could make all the difference to someone who’s keen on outdoor sports, or a specific brown filter, for example, would make a golf ball stand out against the fairway and contours easier to read.

Oakley prescription sports glasses
Oakley glasses for sports

Don't let wearing glasses prevent you from doing the things you love. 


Contact us with any questions, or come into the practice to view our range of styles specifically designed for optimum performance. 

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