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Contact lenses bring freedom from glasses and enable you to enjoy social and sporting occasions to the full.


If you are thinking of wearing contact lenses, our qualified Optometrist will help you to find the best solution for your eyes. 

To ensure you receive the most comfortable lenses providing optimum vision we provide a fully comprehensive and independent contact lens fitting service. 


Schemes are available to allow you to pay for your lenses by monthly direct debit. Our direct debit customers also benefit from discounts on other purchases in-store. 

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Wearing daily contact lenses

Daily disposable lenses

Daily disposables are a soft lens that is designed for individual daily wear, and then disposed of, perfect for social wear and sports. The individual packaging is practical and hygienic and ensures that your eyes are kept as healthy as possible.

Try toric contact lenses

Toric lenses

Available as daily, monthly or annual replacement lenses, the toric lens is designed for people with astigmatism.

Convenience of contact lenses

Frequent replacement disposables

If you prefer to wear your disposable lenses more frequently, a monthly or two-weekly disposable lens may be the perfect lens for you. Designed for daily wear but with a simple cleaning routine, they can last much longer.

Long wear contact lenses

Extended wear lenses

These are the lenses you can wear day and night, so perfect for those who like to work hard and play hard and don't want the chore of a daily cleaning routine. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn continuously for up to a week at a time and are available for many prescriptions. 

Multifocal contact lenses

Multifocal lenses

If you are used to wearing varifocal glasses but would love the freedom that contact lenses give you, then this progressive lens could be perfect for you, providing clear vision at near and far distances. 

Myopia contact lenses for children

Myopia control lenses

We fit and supply Myopia control contact lenses to children to try and help reduce the increase in their shortsightedness. 

Try gas permeable contact lenses

Gas permeable lenses

Made of a more rigid material, gas permeable lenses give sharp, clear vision and can be used to correct a wide variety of prescriptions. Low maintenance and can last for up to 2 years.

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