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Ensuring that your eyes receive the best in health care is of the utmost importance to us at Peter Bowers.


As well as carrying out a sight test, whenever you visit the practice we will take you through an eye health examination that ensures we can spot any changes to the overall health of your eye. 


We recommend that you have a digital retinal photograph each time you visit us, as this is the perfect way for the optometrist to check the overall health of the eye.


These photographs remain on your record, enabling us to detect any changes at your next visit.

Learn more about our enhanced eye examinations, or contact us to ask a question about taking care of the health of your eyes. 

Eye examinations for healthy eyes



At Peter Bowers, we offer a Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) in conjunction with your local doctor's surgery. 

If you are worried about the health of your eyes or are experiencing pain or discomfort, you can visit Peter Bowers Opticians and our trained Optometrist can check your symptoms and advise you on how to treat your problem.

This service is free to access for all local residents in the Stone area, whether you have visited us before. 

If you are experiencing symptoms such as:


  • painful, red eyes,

  • sudden changes in vision,

  • or unpleasant eye discharge


Contact us straight away, or call 111 if it is out of hours. 

Cataract eye care in Stone


Peter Bowers Opticians support patients across Staffordshire who have undergone cataract treatment by providing an after-care service.


People who have had a cataract operation can visit us to monitor the recovery and health of their eyes. This means they do not need to make an appointment at the hospital, making it quicker and easier to receive aftercare. 

If you have received treatment at Rowley Hall or Spa Medica, get in touch with us and we can provide post-operative care for you and feedback your results to the hospital on your behalf.


We offer this service to all local patients, whether or not you have visited us before for an eye test. 

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