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At Peter Bowers, we offer the most bespoke and tailored made lenses.


We offer Essilor's X4D Xclusive lens using the Visioffice 2 measuring instrument which use the latest technology and innovations in spectacle lens design. 


After choosing a frame from our superb range of designer spectacles, you can be sure your lenses provide outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far. 


see clearly in lenses from Peter Bowers Opticians


Whether your visual needs are distance, near, or multifocal you can be confident with a lens solution that is tailored to you and your lifestyle. 


Our professional, qualified team will guide you through the best options available and recommend the right type of lens for your sunglasses and spectacles

Combining exceptional quality lenses with beautifully designed eyewear, Peter Bowers Optometrist offers you a bespoke styling service.  Our Dispensing Optician will help you to select your perfect pair of frames and lenses so you can look, feel and see your best.

See close-up, far and everything in between, with visual comfort.

varifocal lenses at Peter Bowers Opticians

Single vision

corrective lenses

Enhanced lenses designed to prevent or reduce eyestrain when you’re using devices.

Single vision lenses


intelligent lenses

Reduce glare, eye fatigue and eye strain lenses that react to UV and visible light. 

Transitions lenses for glasses

Sharp vision, improved lens asthetic and protection against the enemies of clear vision.

crizal lenses fo glasses


For those who prefer a more flexible sunglass lens, we would recommend a Transitions lens.


Transition Generation 8 lenses are the latest in photochromic technology. This type of lens reacts to the light when you step out into the sun, turning gradually darker the brighter the light is, and fading quickly back to a clear lens when you move back indoors.


This means you have full protection from the sun when outside, but also have the flexibility of being able to see indoors without changing your eyewear.

Contact us for more information about transition lenses.


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